Honorary Doctorate Degrees will be presented to distinguished Professors John F. Dewey, Dan McKenzie and Xavier Le Pichon by Istanbul Technical University on October, 15th, 2019. Following the ceremony, A. M. Celal Şengör, John F. Dewey, Dan McKenzie and Xavier Le Pichon will each give lectures at the opening of the “20th Anniversary of 1999 Marmara Earthquakes, 23. ATAG Meeting”.

Professor A. M. Celal Şengör

Istanbul Technical University | Faculty of Mines | Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences
National Academy of Sciences | 2018 Arthur Holmes Medal | 2011 Gustav-Steinmann-Medal

Lecture Title: 20 Years After: From the view point of neotectonics of the Eastern Mediterranean


Professor John F. Dewey

US National Academy of Science | Distinguished Emeritus Professor University of California | Emeritus Professor and Supernumerary Fellow, University College Oxford

Lecture Title: Transtension in the brittle field; Implications for volcanism, hydrology, and geothermal power


Biography: https://royalsociety.org/people/john-dewey-11330/


Professor Dan McKenzie

Emeritus Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge
Royal Society | Order of the Companions of Honour by Queen Elizabeth II, 2003
William Bowie Medal, 2001 | Copley Medal, 2011

Lecture Title: Continental collisions and the origin of subcrustal continental earthquakes


Biography: https://www.e-education.psu.edu/earth520/content/l2_p21.html


Professor Xavier Le Pichon

Emeritus Professor, Collège de France | French Academy of Sciences | Knight of the Legion of Honour
National Academy of SciencesMaurice Ewing Medal, 1984 | Wollaston Medal, 1991 | 

Lecture Title: The Marmara Sea and the formation of the Anatolia-Aegean northern boundary